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h_iddenheart's Journal


Real Name: Heilin Rander
Alias: Hidden Heart [H]
Birthday: 1984-04-12
Gender: Male
Hometown: Aberaeron, Ceredigion, Wales
Ethnicity: Welsh
Height: 5'6" // 168cm
Weight: 102lbs // 46 kg
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dark brown/black with fading pink streaks.

H was born to a perfectly average family in rural Wales, a middle-class family that loved him dearly. His life for 6 years was exactly that--perfectly normal. His favorite childhood toy was a stuffed rabbit given to him by his mother, which--though he will vehemently deny it if asked--he still has to this day. H was born with an oversensitivy to light whic has only grown more severe over time. At home, though, it was never treated as a problem. Blinds were closed and lights were simply turned off if they were too bright. Every effort was made to make H feel perfectly normal as always.

When he was 4, H's mother gave birth to his little brother Cai. The baby was always very ill, prompting much worry from his parents but perhaps even more from H himself. H immediately became extremely attached to him, very proud to be a big brother even from such a young age.

But just two years later H's life became suddenly less ordinary. Heilin woke on May 15th, 1990 to the sound of his baby brother crying. He shuffled out of bed to fetch his mother as he always did, but this time he couldn't find her, or his father. The couple would not be found, in fact, for five more years, when a terrified fisherman would come across their disfigured corpses in a river not far from H's home.

Having no other family, Heilin and Cai were quickly placed in an orphanage. But neither were adopted--Cai's illness required too much attention, and H's photophobia, which had rapidly escalated in severity, was nearly impossible to deal with. After being shifted around to three different orphanages over the next several years, Cai's illness took a sudden turn for the worse. The boy died just days shy of his ninth birthday. Feeling as if he'd failed to protect him, H took to spending time alone in the dark wherever he could; bathrooms, closets, even under beds if he could fit. He developed a habit of stealing keys to keep his mind occupied, creating a collection which he continues to add to at Wammy's House.

Three years and several more orphanages later when H was 16, he was selected to participate in a test. He was told his scores were remarkable--so much so, in fact, that he was to be sent to a special school for talented orphans, a place that would cater to his needs and challenge him. He scoffed, but went along, deciding that it had to be better than his current home.

Despite having a history not unlike most of the other Wammy's House orphans, H makes up more than a few lies about himself; he very much likes keeping even trivial things a secret. He never mentions his parents' abduction and apparent murder, instead claiming to have been abandoned. No one except Roger and possibly L know he has ever had a brother. He hides all his things, including his stuffed bunny and all his keys, as well as seemingly innocuous possessions such as books and even his own clothing. He has an elaborate system of where everything goes, and everything must be out of sight if he has a guest (which is rare in itself).

D//d_ecay: Drugged H not long after his arrival. H can't identify him but is terrified of running into him again.
S//matinxetoile, J//watch_from_afar: If H considered anyone a friend (he doesn't) it might be them. He deems them somewhat trustworthy.
Cowboy//c_owboy: Has a special talent for making H amazingly furious. H once stabbed him with a key, although not entirely on purpose. He misses him but he'll never admit it.

PB: Lelouch from Code Geass
Home: the_succession
Mun Name: Ichigo//ichigo_no_iro
Mun AIM: x pink ichigo x